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Your Partners Role in Pregnancy & Birth


Sharing your pregnancy with your partner can be a wonderful bonding experience, as you both prepare for the birth of your baby. It can be difficult for your partner to know exactly what you are going through, and he may feel somewhat helpless when it comes to giving you what you need. It's important that you communicate with your spouse, and let him know exactly how you would like him involved in your pregnancy. He may not even know where to begin, so helping him get on the right track can be a good first step.

Your partner should first and foremost be there to support you as you make your way through pregnancy. Often, having someone to listen to you is the only thing you need, even if he can't make the problem go away. You should both share how you're feeling throughout the pregnancy, and keep the lines of communication open. Keep in mind that your pregnancy hormones may cause you to feel moody or angry for no apparent reason, so talk to your partner about the changes that you are going through as well.

Your partner should be willing to learn more about pregnancy and birth, which means attending any prenatal or childbirth classes you feel would be beneficial. This can be an ideal way to prepare together for your baby's birth, and to grow together in the weeks leading up to your due date. Fatherhood can be just as scary as motherhood, so accept your partner's feelings or concerns during pregnancy.

If you are finding that your partner isn't meeting your needs, or you feel you need some extra help, there are numerous support groups and therapists that can assist you. Even reading books on relationships or parenting can improve communication with your spouse. If you feel angry or hurt, think about your role in the situation. How is your partner feeling? By communicating rather than accusing or criticizing, you can greatly improve your relationship with your partner.

The best thing your partner can do is love and support you. Whether that means helping you with household chores, hearing about your day, or surprising you with flowers, your partner's love and companionship goes a long way to make your pregnancy better. You will have even less time together once your baby is born, so take these months to enjoy each other's company and spend some quality time together.

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